LCS Tooling


Low cost solution tooling:

Petford Group Ltd have a very successful history spanning over 15 years in supplying European quality tools from the Far East. This has the added benefit of our own dedicated UK based 24/7 support shop.

We have carefully hand chosen and worked closely with a number of companies to ensure all tools are manufactured to the same degree of workmanship as we would expect from here in the UK.

All tools manufactured outside of the UK come with the exact same warranty and support as if it were made by us directly in our UK site. The result for our customers is a cost effective tool with no compromise of quality or support.


The support and contact for manufacturing these tools is no different than if our customers were having the tools made here in the UK. One of our design engineers is assigned to the tools and has full control over all details and aspects of the tool. All feasibilities are conducted by our UK design team ensuring fast and reliable feedback to enable the manufacture to get underway as quickly as possible.

  • Manufacturing plants based in Taiwan and China
  • Total Capacity available to offer clients in excess of £10m
  • Reputable companies with extensive European experience
  • All tools manufactured to European standards
  • European Standard steel and components used
  • All work supported by our UK support shop – 24/7


Overseeing and managing the programme is again done in the UK with our in-house project managers.

This includes regular updates showing progress of the tool manufacture. For full confidence and ease of reporting we take photos showing the progression of the tool each week.

Our UK team are supported by our project team out in the Far East. This enables us to closely watch and deal with any road blocks in real time. Having this team locally and understanding the local requirements helps with the smooth running of the programme all the way to delivery in the UK.

UK Test support:

All tools when returned to the UK go through a full strip and inspection upon reaching us. The tools are then tested and trialed in our own machines to establish the process prior to delivery to the customer. At this point our customers are invited to come and inspect the tools themselves or have access to all details from their designated project manager.