Shot Weight ChartPetford Group are UK leading plastic injection moulders and toolmakers. Our latest machines have a range from 160 tons to 1700 tons lock.

Materials are delivered to the machines by a self-contained material handling system ensuring the polymer reaches the machine, dried, coloured ( if required ) and fit for use. All machines are robotised with conveyor take off and have software capable of statistical control over the entire plastic injection moulding process.

Our plastic injection moulding is enhanced with other processes including gas assist moulding, low pressure moulding onto carpet, cloth and TPO. There are additional value added downstream activities providing, ultrasonic welding, assembly, insertion and insert over moulding.

Complimenting base component production is the addition of chrome plating ( satin and bright ) and painting, both application techniques are to automotive interior and exterior standards, these processes are delivered by external preferred suppliers.

Shot Weight Chart

plastic injection moulders

The plant is capable of converting most available engineering and commodity polymers. This includes materials having specialised additives for enhanced physical properties, protection and performance.

Self-coloured compounds and master batched additives are used to match customer specific colour requirement for plastic injection mouldings, consistency is achieved by the use of in line metering equipment.

Injection Moulding Materials

For all plastic injection moulding, customer schedules are logged into a dedicated bespoke MRP system. From this the factories planning, materials requirements and transport arrangements are discharged.

Materials and purchased parts arrive at the goods inward warehouse facility. This is a remote unit from the main factory and also serves as an area for work in progress, finished goods and dispatch. The factory operates a Kan – Ban system and consignment stock for significant amounts of purchased goods. Once produced finished components are audited, stored and dispatched from the warehouse on a first – in, first – out basis.

Transport to customers completes the supply loop, the companies own vehicles and preferred haulers are used for national and international distribution, there is also the ability to handle customer shipments direct from the factory.

Injection Moulding

Driving the business is the award of IATF16949:2016 accreditation. Employees are fully quality conscious and make active contributions to the business key performance indicators which are reviewed throughout the company at regular intervals. External audits are welcomed and there are dedicated internal teams which regularly audits various areas of the factory to ensure compliance to this exacting standard.

Metrology is carried out on site using our in-house CMM machine, also external test houses for independent and specialised measurement and environmental testing is available. Equipment calibration is monitored within the TPM system and completed by equipment manufacturers or external laboratories.

  • We offer warehouse storage to our customers for materials and stock
  • All customer packaging requirements offered and met
  • Onsite assembly work
  • IATF16949:2016 quality accreditation
  • Painted, Chromed, Flocked Managed
Quality Control Injection Moulding
Injection Moulding

UK Tooling

The complete manufacturing service that is second to none. Our extensive capabilities include on-site CAD/CAM Design, CNC Machining, Spark Erosion and Finishing.

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Low cost tooling far east

LCS Tooling

Petford have 15 years in supplying British quality tools from the Far East. We offer our customers a guaranteed 24/7 support shop and handle all communication, at a very competitive price point.

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