With a well-established in-house design engineering capability and a broad range of CNC Milling, Machining, Drilling and Grinding capabilities Petford Tools Company continues to strength our “one stop shop” strategy by adding value creation for our Customers.

The building of metal structures from different raw materials and process capabilities in cutting, burning, broad range of certified welding, machining, forming, and assembly supported by an engineering fabricator with over 30 years hands on experience provides the final product for our customers.

Offering the latest technology in computer aided design (CAD) software, Petford Tooling has a dedicated, in-house team assisting through the concept, design, and manufacture of our customer needs.

Where customers have established designs, we take 3-D models in a variety of formats and utilise this information to produce the metal fabrication applications.

Outside of our core engineering tooling and machining capabilities, our broad range of certified welding processes such as TIG, MIG and ARC support the steel fabrication manufacturing processes we offer such as bending, shaping, forming, cutting, burning, grinding, and final assembly of all different types of shapes and metals in providing the final product to our customers.

Our fabrication workshop is bolstered with a lifting crane up to 12,5 tonnes.

Adding value creation through our one-stop-shop drives our diversification model of expansion towards our increased market share, which our Metal Fabrication Services are into sectors such as Construction, Packaging, Alternative Energy, Aerospace, Automotive and Medical.

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Laser Welding

We understand the urgency of repairs and changes and react proactively to our clients need. Having a full-time laser welding capacity proves invaluable for our clients.

Laser Welding
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UK Moulding Tooling

The complete manufacturing service that is second to none. Our extensive capabilities include on-site CAD/CAM Design, CNC Machining, Spark Erosion and Finishing.

UK Mould Tooling

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